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NEW: 29 Nov. 2013 Dark Times - Solar Eclipses in the Black Book of Basingwerk - CLICK HERE (PDF file 113 KB)

Updated: 1st March 2013 The Long Man of the Sky - Valle Crucis abbey and the archaeoastronomy of Dinas Bran - CLICK HERE (PDF file 2810KB)
The latest version is based on a revised model of the Coed Hyrddin landscape, with new findings.

Updated: 21.5.2012 Counting Down the Moon - the Astrology of Gutun Owain - CLICK HERE (PDF file 95 KB)

A memorial for Saint Bernard? Archaeoastronomy and Sacred Geometry at Valle Crucis abbey - CLICK HERE (PDF file 439 KB)

Dowsing related articles

Dowsing - an introduction (PDF file - 626KB)

An introduction to the Geodetic System (PDF file 147 KB)

The Sunline - an ongoing investigation of an unconventional alignment (PDF file - 854 KB)

Valle Crucis and the Sunline (PDF file - 166 KB)

The Vision of the Fort - Automatic writing at Valle Crucis abbey (PDF file - 547 KB)

Tintin's Dowser - about the use of dowsing in Herge's Tintin cartoons and the real-life dowser who was behind it. (PDF file 67 KB)